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Hi! We're Lee (the brunette) and Brittany (the redhead) the founders of Kids Unplugged. We're besties with 5 kiddos between us, who share a passion for nurturing imagination, engagement, and creativity in our children, and yours.

When we were kids we didn't have cell phones, laptops, computers or mobile apps to do the thinking or entertaining for us. We had the great outdoors as our playground and most often, cardboard boxes / duct tape to build imaginary worlds. The resourcefulness and freedom that our imaginations have given us as a children and as adults, is the biggest gift we can give our children.

Kids Unplugged is more than just a play gym. All of our activities, camps, special events, and products are designed to fully engage each child's body, mind, and spirit to ignite and nurture their spark. We encourage parents to jump in on the fun here! And we offer guidance for parents who want to develop their creative play skills with their children.

"As parent's, it's so important to us that our children know how to access and explore the power of their imagination."

At Kids Unplugged play gym we focus on helping parents / guardians ENGAGE & IGNITE their child's imagination. We believe that a parent's active involvement in play will spark that child's lifelong realization and discovery that they can and should use creative thinking not only in play but as a tool in life!

New & Fun Stuff:

We're loving Tinker crates from Kiwico for unplugged winter activities! Check out the selection here >> 

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Check out the fun options we have for birthday parties, or simply booking a private day of fun with friends! 
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We're so excited!! Our new blog brings all the tools, games, and strategies we've developed over the years at KU Gym into homes everywhere! Coming February 2022!

“There Is No Other Place Like KU!"

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unplugged love note:

 My daughter spent all day at camp at Kids Unplugged and had the best time. She has special needs and they were so accommodating and inclusive. She can't wait to go back tomorrow!

We believe everyone has their own unique spark! Your spark is what makes you the best version of yourself, the thing that makes you happiest and able to share your best self with the world. Grab our free printable to get started!

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Grab your
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