Special Events

At Kids Unplugged, we like to keep things fresh and fun by offering new and exciting events and opportunities to play.  Parent’s Night Out, Seasonally themed events, family friendly escape rooms, mommy’s night in and more!

Extra Fun

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Gather your best mates or the whole family for a night a Nerf War! We set up a mat-maze, put out the lights and have a laser light & colored light atmosphere to ramp up the battle to hide and dive between and behind the mats!  

Ages 4+ to play nerf battle in Big Gym
Free play and Target Nerf in Ninja room all ages welcome
(Kids 6 and under must have parent accompanied.)

Everyone loves NERF NIGHT!
It's for the whole family! 

Nerf Night!

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Get your peeps together and join this bi-weekly night of family awesomeness! Its one night to make sure you're really having some quality face time with your kiddos. 
Some nights we do challenges like egg drops or projects like ultimate slime constests. Come let loose & play with us!

We LOVE Family Fun Night!
It's all about family challenges, games & projects...together. 
Its soooo...well, fun!

Family Fun Night

Parents Night Out

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An evening with us is guaranteed to keep your kids busy and having fun so you can relax and enjoy an evening out! Four and half hours of uninterrupted play time, the only hard part is that they won't want to leave! We will even feed them dinner!!! 

Drop your kids with us, while you go out and enjoy the evening! The best part is that everyone has FUN! 

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