Our carefully crafted, hinged metal box is a treasure trove of activities, from coloring and crafting to games and collectibles. Join us in embracing a world where imagination takes center stage, and the wait becomes a canvas for creativity.

Elevate your unplugged experiences with Waitables – because every moment is an opportunity to create, inspire, and connect.

Where Creativity Unfolds While You Wait!

Your go-to solution for transforming moments of waiting into vibrant, unplugged adventures for your little ones.  Whether you're at a restaurant, traveling in a car, navigating the airport hustle, or patiently waiting at the doctor's office, Waitables is here to redefine those idle moments for your kids.


  • A message from Oscar through the QR code with a secret challenge for the kiddos! 
  • Glass Bottle for collecting sand/shells, etc.
  • 12 page Maine themed activity booklet 
  • Origami paper / instructions 
  • Crayons, Clay & Toothpicks 
  • Stickers (2 sheets) 
  • An Oscar doll 
  • Washi Tape  
  • Tic Tac Toe

What's included
in our "Maine Box"

"My kids don't ask for my phone anymore! They ask for their Waitable!"

Interested in wholesale?

Whether you're a restaurant, retail store, airport, doctor's office or any business that requires any type of waiting for your customers, contact us for our wholesale pricing. and consignment options!

We'll email you right away! 

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 My daughter spent all day at camp at Kids Unplugged and had the best time. She has special needs and they were so accommodating and inclusive. She can't wait to go back tomorrow!

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