Summer 2024 is almost here! We are all set and ready explore an UNPLUGGED SUMMER!!! How will you unplug this summer? We can't wait to go swimming, jumping, hiking, climbing, running, laughing, creating, exploring, singing, dancing, and maybe more laughing this summer with your kiddos! 

Summer Camp '24

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Our Camps

• Limiting # of campers to 13
• Separating campers into age 
   appropriate group during activities
• 4 day week (5th day is staff
   cleaning, review & planning) 

CHECK OUT how we're making camps better in 2024!

We've listened to your feedback & made some changes this summer! We're always trying to improve quality care so here are a few ways we're making camp even better than before!

In this inspired, creative week we'll be exploring how to build our own universe with only CARDBOARD! Our imaginations and duct tape are our only limits! From space ships, castles to your own house come invent a new universe made by you!

August  19- august 23

Cardboard Universe

Work on improving your gymnastic skills! From floor work to bars, balance beam to trampoline and vault, we’ll work on all the events. This camp is for the camper who really wants to do gymnastics! Participation is a must! We will also have creative arts & crafts, open gyms sessions and team building activities that all revolve around gymnastics! 

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JULY 15- JuLY 18

Gymnastics Week

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We will experience local Maine farms with daily adventures where we will meet the farmers, support their farm stands with purchases, and interact with the land and animals through animal care and harvesting produce.

JULY 8 - JULY 11

Farm Week

Become a Secret Agent Spy! We will adventure through spy training, a secret decoding workshop and physical training! We will also have creative arts & crafts, open gyms sessions and team building activities that all revolve around being a spy!


Spy Week

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This camp is just a CIRCUS! Learn the circus arts from juggling, balancing, clowning it up, dance and acrobatic routines and more! The kids will invent their own show and will demonstrate with a big show at the end of the week!


Circus Camp

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A new theme for Kids Unplugged summer camp! We are super excited to explore the Maine coast at some local parks and beaches. Exploring the tides, tidal pools and the many creatures that live in and around the coast on Maine. 

July 22 - July 25

Beach Week

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With Lee in the lead we explore the roles needed in production of film and live theater including improv games. Then we will produce a film and live play exploring the differences and similarities and perform live for parents at the end of the week!

AUGUST 12- August 15

Film & Theatre Week

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Learn how to be a Ninja! Scale walls, jump over obstacles and learn the ways of a Ninja! This week is all about obstacle course training and embodying the skills of a Ninja. (Climbing, Stealth skills, strength, flexibility, awareness and patience!) 

AUGUST 5- August 8

Ninja Warrior Camp

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What does it take to be a leader? This week we will dive into what it takes to be a great leader. Children will jump in to various team building exercises daily and will be challenged to go out into the community to find ways to help. This camp will only be open to kids 10 and older. Upon completion, children will be awarded a certificate of leadership proving to themselves what they learned!

JUNE 24- June 27

Leadership 101 Training Week!

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